Taking Lessons from an 11-Year Old


Although we all know that worrying about what other people think about us, can send our stress levels through the roof, it can be difficult to “stop” caring about what everybody else thinks of us!

I recently spent time with my awesome nieces, 11-year old Emileigh and 12-year old Ryleigh, who reminded me that we should not be concerned with what others think … that we should just be our own amazing self … no matter what!

Emileigh recently went shopping and found a pair of neon orange shoe laces that according to her, she “just fell in love with.”  Ryleigh, her big sister tried with all her might to talk Emileigh out of buying the bright orange laces explaining that Emileigh would be the laughing stock of the school if she wore them.

Emileigh told Ryleigh, “I don’t care what other people might say.  I love them.  I’m getting them.”  And, she did.  Then, ignoring her big sister’s cautions, she wore them to school.

I asked Emileigh if anybody said anything when she wore them.  She explained to me, “Not really and I don’t care if the do.  I love the shoe laces and that’s all that’s important.  Oh — and a few days later about six more girls in my class had the same shoe laces.  I’m kind of a trendsetter!”

How cool is that?  To go through life without being concerned with what others think is a lesson even many adults struggle with each day.  We should all take the advice of my 11-year old niece and stop caring what others think of us.  We should all just do what we love and love who we are.

Be well –

Chad Simpson, RPh
The Pharmacist Guy™

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