What is Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™?

Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is an edgy, engaging, and entertaining program that shows you how to overcome the headgame hurdles that block our health, happiness, and ultimately our path to living life On Top of The World.  Its philosophy simplifies the complexity of our choices.  Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is the course we […]

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The Stress of Chronic Illness & Pain

Chronic illness and chronic pain can rob you of your joy and cause an abundance of stress, but there are several things you can do to prevent that from happening. 1.  Get a second opinion from someone NOT associated with the clinician who made your initial diagnosis.  It’s important to make sure your diagnosis is […]

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Swine Flu (H1N1): Are You Scared Yet?

Are you stressed about H1N1 Influenza (previously referred to as Swine Flu)? If you pay attention to the news and various other media, then it’s quite likely you are stressed … at least a little.  Don’t be! A few thoughts on the H1N1 Flu situation to help turn that stress around: 1.  Unfortunate circumstances — […]

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