Natural Pain Relief … WTF?

Quick Tip … Research in The Journal of Pain shows that dropping the F-bomb when you hurt yourself may actually be beneficial at helping ease the pain. According to the authors, using a swear word seems to activate deeper parts of the brain more associated with emotions. For those of you who swear more frequently throughout a […]

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Could You Be Stressed Without Even Knowing?

When I show clients strategies to help minimize stress in their lives, I often begin with one very simple, yet amazingly powerful tip:  Become Aware. When we are stressed, our bodies begin to tell us we are stressed before we may even realize it.  We may not “feel” stressed out, but our bodies may be telling a […]

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The Stress of Chronic Illness & Pain

Chronic illness and chronic pain can rob you of your joy and cause an abundance of stress, but there are several things you can do to prevent that from happening. 1.  Get a second opinion from someone NOT associated with the clinician who made your initial diagnosis.  It’s important to make sure your diagnosis is […]

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