7 Deadly Sins Students Do Each Day!

Most students attend college to build a successful life and would not knowingly participate in activities that could damage their chances of achieving that life. However, there are seven activities (I call them The 7 Deadly Sins) that students on college campuses across the country participate in each and every day that can get them […]

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What is Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™?

Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is an edgy, engaging, and entertaining program that shows you how to overcome the headgame hurdles that block our health, happiness, and ultimately our path to living life On Top of The World.  Its philosophy simplifies the complexity of our choices.  Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is the course we […]

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7 Quick Steps for a Stress Free Finals Week!

Without question, Finals Week can be hellish.  For some of you it’s not limited to one week; it’s spread over two weeks — even more stressful.  Here are a few things you can do to make your crazy, chaotic life a little less stressful during Finals. 1.  Get Out of Your Own Way! I call […]

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