Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ 

Chad Simpson, RPh — “The Pharmacist Guy” — reveals the hidden truth behind energy drinks and other pills & potions students use to juggle the stress of academics with having a life. Remember the advertisement, ‘There’s an app for that?’ Today, we have a bottle for that.  A bottle to help us:  Wake up. Stay awake. Study harder. Chill out. Ease the pain. Play the field. Play better on the field … and even a bottle to hit the hay!

The problem is that students are injured or dying because of misadventures with medications and other substances.  From the dorm room to the classroom and into the locker room, we have become a Medication Nation.

In his edgy, engaging, and entertaining talkSex, Drugs, & Red Bull™, Chad explores our dangerous obsession with chemically stimulated living and shows your students how to have all the success, all the fun, even better health, and — yes — loads of energy … without feeling like their only choice to get through the day is an energy drink, pill, or other “bottle.”  Chad shows your students how to “Live Bigger … than a bottle!”

This program is available as a 60 minute interactive lecture.  Contact us today for booking information.