7 Deadly Sins Students Do Each Day!

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Most students attend college to build a successful life and would not knowingly participate in activities that could damage their chances of achieving that life.

However, there are seven activities (I call them The 7 Deadly Sins) that students on college campuses across the country participate in each and every day that can get them kicked out of school, admitted to an emergency room, locked up in jail, or hauled off to the morgue.

Many of these students have no clue about the consequences of participating in The 7 Deadly Sins and they unintentionally begin to lay a foundation for an infinitely more difficult path to success.  Taking part in one of these activities is not only illegal, but also is dangerous.

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?

1.  Sharing your prescription medication with someone else.  Example:  Sharing your Ritalin or Adderall with a roommate or best friend to help them study.

2.  Selling your prescription medication to someone else.  Example:  You need a little extra cash, so you decide to sell a few of your own Lortab that you never used when you got your wisdom teeth removed.

3.  Using someone else’s prescription medication.  Example:  You use some of your friend’s Adderall to help cram for an exam.

4.  Buying someone else’s prescription medication.  Example:  You [Read More...]

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5-Minute Friends

5-Minute FriendWhat in the world is a 5-minute friend?

A 5-minute friend is someone who is closer to you than an acquaintance, but not necessarily as close as say, your BFF.  It’s someone who brightens your soul, but not someone you routinely see.  However, when you do run into your 5-minute friends (maybe in a restaurant, a lobby somewhere, or even just on Facebook), they always stop and make the time to catch up with you and spend about five minutes visiting with you to see what’s going on in  your world (unlike an acquaintance with whom you simply share a simple smile and a courteous “hello”).

Thanks to technology, we live in a socially connected world — a world our great-grandparents would find foreign.  Over the years, we’ve gone from having only acquaintances, friends, and best friends to having many types of friends across a very blurry and broad spectrum.

Today we have acquaintances, Facebook fans and friends, Twitter followers, connections, co-workers, 5-minute friends, friends, best friends, relationships, family, and everything in between (in no particular order) falling onto our friendship spectrum.  So why are 5-minute friends so special?

With 5-minute friends, there is a deeper, albeit not necessarily spoken, connection.  At the risk of sounding a little “wooey – wooey”, these are the people with whom your soul truly connects and resonates.  They light up your life,  but for whatever reason (good or bad), neither of you has taken the connection to a deeper friendship — and that’s okay!  We need 5-minute friends in our life.  They bring us a positive, uplifting, and energizing experience to the crazy, chaotic worlds in which we live.

A couple of years ago, I was [Read More...]

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3 Strategies for Solving Most of Your Problems


I was visiting with a friend a while back who loves The Dr. Phil Show.  Personally, I like Dr. Phil just fine and think his advice is pretty solid.  I mean come on … he is Dr. Phil.  However, I usually find shows like that quite frustrating .  When I shared my thoughts with my friend, I told him that I feel like virtually everyone on the show could solve most of their problems using just three simple strategies.  Intrigued, he said, “Go on …”

Strategy #1 – Make Up Your Mind to Change Your Mind

Most of our problems are a result of us not wanting to change, or holding on to a belief for no good reason. When you make up your mind to change your mind about the problem in front of you, you are well on your way to solving the problem.  Examples: If a class I’m taking it totally stressing me out, then I would decide that no matter what, I’m going to have fun in that class.  I made up my mind to change my mind about the class. Additionally, if I have to be in the same [Read More...]

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7 Reasons College Is the Right Choice

College StudentIs College Right for You?  Yes.  Uh-huh.  And, probably.  

Of course, I am biased.  I’m a college graduate, so I see this from the perspective of someone who has been there and done that.  Additionally, I’ve taught at a college.  I’m on an advisory board for a college, and a portion of my income comes from me speaking at colleges.  So how could I possibly be objective in this discussion?  Maybe I can’t, but I can make a good case for why college will benefit you.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room.  Is it absolutely necessary to attend college to be successful in life?  No, but attending college is certainly not going to hurt your opportunity for success.  In fact, it will likely help to improve your chances significantly.  Plain and simple:  the odds lean in your favor when you attend college and earn your degree.  Elephant #2:  What if I don’t actually end up “using” my degree?  So what!  There is nothing wasteful about gaining knowledge for the simple sake of knowledge.  Even if you go on to do something with your life that doesn’t utilize the specific degree you earned, it is still beneficial.  I have a cousin with a history degree and he works in the banking industry.  My best friend has a computer science degree with a minor in business.  He lasted a year in the computer world and couldn’t stand it.  Now he owns a lawn and landscape business and is crazy successful.  Neither would likely be where they are now without their degrees.

7 Reasons College Is the Right Choice

1.  The Education

The most obvious reason is that you’ll receive a quality education from attending college.  It’s such an obvious reason that I almost didn’t list it.  However, think about it for a minute.  Attending college gives you the opportunity to study topics that actually interest you — unlike all of your schooling up to this point, which was designed to teach you what you need to know instead of what you want to know.  In college, you can discuss and debate your favorite topics with professors and other students in an academic forum designed to ignite your desire for learning.  Pretty cool stuff, but you have to attend to participate.

2.  The Connections

The people you meet in college — faculty, staff, and fellow students — will be in your life forever.  Seriously … especially in the digital age in which we live.  You’ll make lasting friendships.  You’ll forge professional relationships and, perhaps, even fall in love with the person of your dreams.  No matter what types of relationships you build, the number of strong connections you make in college can help determine your path to success.  Connections are so important, in fact, that I discuss them at length in a talk I do called, The Prescription for Success™.  Building a strong network of connections is so important in life, I would say this alone is reason enough to attend college.

3.  The Character Building

College life  — just like “the real world” — is filled with ups and downs.  It presents the perfect opportunity to build or refine your character.  I had a college roommate in Pharmacy School who, in my opinion, was [Read More...]

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What is Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™?

YouTube Preview Image

Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is an edgy, engaging, and entertaining program that shows you how to overcome the headgame hurdles that block our health, happiness, and ultimately our path to living life On Top of The World.  Its philosophy simplifies the complexity of our choices.  Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™ is the course we never had in school about choices, consequences, and how the two are interwoven to pave or derail our path to success.  The program offers strategies that can be implemented the minute you leave the talk … strategies that will skyrocket you to living life on top of the world.  The choices we make and the action we take determine the life we create.  When we improve our choices, we improve our chances for enhanced health, happiness, and success.

Ready. Set. Go.

The program begins with the basics:  Exploring our obsession with chemically stimulated living — our true chemical romance.  In today’s world, we have a bottle filled with some sort of “chemical” to help us wake up, stay awake, study harder, play the field, play on the field, and even hit the hay at night.  Remember the old advertisement that said, “We’ve got an app for that”?  Well, instead of an app, we’ve got a bottle for that!  From the bedroom to the boardroom and from the dorm room, to the classroom, and even into the locker room, we’ve got a bottle for each of life’s circumstances.

Energy drinks.  Alcohol.  Medications.  And more.

From there, I look at the most common bottles each of us use every day, yet this is not a substance abuse lecture … far from it, in fact (leave the substance abuse for the Dr. Drews of the world).  You’ll find none of the “thou shalt nots …” so often hurled toward you in an effort to force feed you an opinion — or worse:  to sell you another bottle that promises to help you succeed.  I’m not here to make up your mind for you.  My mission is to deliver the information you want in an edgy, engaging, and entertaining forum.  You make up your own mind about what is right for you.

Living Bigger Than A Bottle …

As the program moves forward, you’ll gain a solid foundation to help make more informed choices, to overcome the headgame hurdles holding you back, and you’ll gain solid strategies to give you all the energy, all the success, and even better health while no longer feeling mandated to reach for some kind of bottle to get these same benefits.  I call this Living Bigger Than A Bottle … the core philosophy of Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull™.

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Don’t Let Two Pennies Get You Down


Zig Ziglar is well know for his “automobile university” comments in many of his talks.  Zig’s idea is that you listen to self improvement, business building, motivational, or spiritual types of lectures on CDs while you are driving your vehicle each day.  I loved the idea the first time I heard it, but the truth is that I don’t really spend a lot of time in my car!  In fact, I’m probably not in the car on most days for more than a few little bursts at a time here and there, so automobile university is not something that would work well for me.  It would probably take me over a week to get through just one CD!

However, I do take an hour long walk almost every day, so I just load up my iPod with lectures that interest me and off I go!  I guess you could call it “walking university.”  Some days, I learn a ton of great information.  Other days, I just learn bits and pieces.  No matter what, I always learn something and finish my walk totally pumped up and jazzed to live life to its fullest and to take my business to the next level!

Today was different.  The lecturer seemed [Read More...]

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Natural Pain Relief … WTF?


Quick Tip …

Research in The Journal of Pain shows that dropping the F-bomb when you hurt yourself may actually be beneficial at helping ease the pain.

According to the authors, using a swear word seems to activate deeper parts of the brain more associated with emotions.

For those of you who swear more frequently throughout a typical day, using a swear word is less likely to help when you feel pain.

Be well …

Chad Simpson, RPh
The Pharmacist Guy™

The opinions and information provided by Chad Simpson are for informational purposes only and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or render medical advice.  They are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from your physician or health care practitioner.  Never start, stop, or make changes to your medication or health care regimen without first checking with your physician.


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5-year-old Dies from Medication


In the News …

Dr. Carol Huser, a Colorado medical examiner in La Plata County, stated the death of 5-year-old Kimber Michelle Brown was the result of a combination of two over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medications, dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in OTC cough medications like Robitussin-DM) and an antihistamine, cetirazine (the active ingredient in the allergy medication, Zyrtec).

The child, who had toxic levels of the medications in her system at the time of her death, had been staying with her grandmother.  It is uncertain if the grandmother administered too much medication to the child, or if the 5-year-old took doses without the grandmother’s knowledge.  News reports indicate the medication was sitting on a counter in reach of the child.

At this time, Dr. Huser is ruling the death an accident.

Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/16/kimber-michelle-brown-5-year-old-dies-from-cold-medicine-overdose_n_1428699.html

My Thoughts on this Event …

This story is heartbreaking and my sympathies go out to the family of this child.  Sadly, however, it’s not surprising since we know that 100,000 people die each year as a result of accidental overdoses or errors in the administration of medication.  Based on information from the medical examiner’s office, it appears Kimber is now part of that statistic.

Events like this are exactly why I do my talk, Sex, Drugs & Red Bull™.  Each and every day students, parents, celebrities, neighbors, coworkers, friends, relatives, and even children are injured or die as a result of a medication or other substance.

One of the critical pieces of information I discuss in my program is that we have become exceedingly comfortable with OTC medications.  In my talk, I ask audiences which of these groups of drugs is the dangerous group:  OTC, Prescription, or Illegal Drugs.  I often see more hands raised for the “illegal drug,” but the truth is that they all can be dangerous.  Because over the counter medications do not require a prescription from a physician we have a false sense of security about using them; however, they can be just as harmful — or lethal, as in this case — as prescription medications.

Is this Preventable?

Yes.  A few tips to help keep you [Read More...]

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Seriously? Breathable Caffeine?

AeroShot is an inhaler type of device that delivers a shot of caffeine that you “draw into your mouth and swallow,” according to the website for Breathable Foods — the company that makes AeroShot.

This product confounds me on a lot of levels, so let’s break it down:

- The name of the company is an oxymoron to me.  Breathable Foods.  Huh?  A food, by definition, implies the need for digestion — which takes place in the digestive tract. The word “breathable” implies respiration — which takes place in the respiratory tract.  The body was designed such that neither tract would ever meet the other thanks to a little flap called the epiglottis.  In the world of healthcare when someone “breathes food”, we implement the Heimlich maneuver because breathing food results in choking.  Our bodies were not designed to breathe food.  We were designed to eat food.

- Again, I don’t understand the name of the company: Breathable Foods.  The company website states, “Pull the yellow end to open, put the other end in your mouth, gently draw the powder into your mouth, and swallow. Push closed.”  So, really, you just suck the powder into your mouth and swallow.  No breathing.  No inhalation.  Just suck and swallow.  I guess the name Suckable Foods doesn’t have the same appeal.

- Those of you who have attended one of my talks and have seen me speak about caffeine know that I’m not anti-caffeine.  You also know that it’s easy to overdo the amount of caffeine we consume because we get so much from a multitude of sources (tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc…).  The AeroShot manufacturer states each shot contains 100 mg caffeine — approximately the amount in a large cup of coffee.  When we consume excessive amounts of caffeine, our bodies can experience everything from irritability, nervousness, heart palpitations and seizures to sudden death.

- Michael W. Roosevelt, acting director in the office of compliance at the FDA, recently issued a warning letter to Breathable Foods regarding their AeroShot caffeine product.  The letter states, “Your labeling is false and misleading because your product cannot be intended for both inhalation and ingestion.” Hmm.  The FDA does not appear to be impressed.

While I’m not against caffeine, I am against [Read More...]

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Stress Less Decision Making

Question mark

As I’m sitting here in my study on this beautiful Saturday morning drinking my tea, I was thinking about a decision I made this week.  I even alluded to it in a recent Facebook post!  Many years ago — in fact, it almost feels like a lifetime ago, I would have obsessed about whether I had made the right decision or not, but that’s not how I am now.  Today, I am confident — and even a little happy — about the decision I made!

One of the strategies I share in my Stress Less Blueprint program is about decision making.  Sometimes making decisions can be tough, but it’s all the worry we create about having to live with the decisions we’ve made that ends up gnawing at us after the fact.  Well, I’ve got great news for you:  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Today, I want to share with you a brief summary of one of the strategies from my Stress Less Blueprint …

One of the most important skills to further develop is your ability to hear that still, small, inner voice that resides deep within each of us.  Some call it the voice of God.  Others call it your gut instinct.  It’s been referred to as the voice of Spirit, Angels, Source, and the Universe.  Some even call it each of those names depending on the situation!  For the purpose [Read More...]

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