The Real Prescription for Success

Sex, Drugs & Red Bull™, Chad’s signature program, is an edgy and engaging talk that will show you how to have all the success, all the fun, even better health, and — yes — loads of energy without feeling pressured to turn to a bottle.

Success is as much about knowing what will destroy your chances of success as knowing how to live an abundantly successful life.

Having filled hundreds of thousands of prescriptions during his career, Chad Simpson — The Pharmacist Guy — has come to the conclusion that we are a nation of extremely stressed out professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who are looking for a magic pill or potion — for something in a bottle — to live life on the edge and to get on the fast path to success.

Stress silences success — which is why so many of us look for a fast fix in a bottle to quickly get rid of our perceived stressors and get back on the success track.

“Marion University thinks you rock!”

- Dakota, Student at Marion University

Most people don’t even know there is an option other than reaching for a bottle, and it’s not their fault.  We’ve become inundated with advertising to the point that we — and even our physicians — first think of a pill to help get back our health, our energy, and our happiness … to help get back the foundational building blocks of our success.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Chad’s success strategies help shift the power back to you, the consumer, so you can make an informed decision about the chemicals you consume.

Each and every day students, parents, celebrities, neighbors, coworkers, friends, relatives, and even children are injured or die as a result of a medication or other substance, yet we still continue to seek out a bottle filled with magic pills or potions to help us live life on the edge and get on the fast path to success.

“Awesome! I really enjoyed it.”

- Josh, Student at LSU

We all remember the advertisements from Apple telling us they “have an app for that,” but in our day to day lives — whether you are a corporate professional, entrepreneur, or student – what we have … is a bottle for that.  We have a bottle of something to help us:  Wake up.  Stay awake.  Study.  Work out.  Chill out. Ease the pain.  Play hard.  Play the field.  Play on the field.  Get it on.  Party hard.  Hit the hay. And then we turn right back around and do it all over again.  Sound familiar?

Whether it’s a bottle of pills, a bottle of energy drink, or a bottle of alcohol, we are a nation obsessed with “taking something” to enhance virtually every aspect of our lives.  Stimulants, “smart drugs,” sedatives, pain killers, uppers, downers, sexual enhancers, alcohol, diet pills, and even illegal drugs … you name it, we’ve got it.  We are a nation in love with a dangerous obsession:  Chemically Stimulated Living.  From the bedroom to the boardroom and the dorm room to the classroom and into the locker room, we have become a Medication Nation.

“Thought provoking. We want to invite you back.” 

- Marcie Castillo, Golden Spread Health

Information Management Association

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